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その絵は主にiPadApple Pencil、もしくはキャンバスと絵の具で描かれ、小さい頃から好きだったアニメや漫画や日本画の影響を受けた二次元の新しい「カワイイ」表現が特徴だ。



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*オリジナルゴルフブランド「ILicca golf」(2016~)


SKAバンド「THE REDEMPTIONCDジャケットイラスト(2018




– 2006 –
1st exhibition『Nobby loves…』(兵庫・西宮)

– 2010 –
2nd exhibition『愛・デンティティ』(東京・表参道)

– 2011 –


– 2013 –
3rd exhibition『o.to.gi』(東京・中目黒)
X’ mas exhibition『CAROL』@ソラトニワ銀座(東京・松屋銀座)

– 2017 –
11.20-12.3『Nobby ART EXHIBITION〜パラダイムシフト〜』(東京・下北沢SMART SHIP GALLERY)

– 2018 –
8.4-5『Independent Tokyo 2018』(東京ヒューリックホール)

Nobby was born in the residential area on the hill surrounded with the sea and mountains of Hyogo prefecture, and her unfettered view of life is based on her nature-rich and easy-going hometown.
She loves painting pictures and playing sounds from childhood. She was absorbed in wind instrument music from 11 until she graduated from high school, now she still plays the trombone and sings a song. 
She studied interior design and molding in college. After graduation, she decided to be an illustrator and got the first job a week after she sent resume to five publishing companies.
Her career was mainly in publication, advertisement, and comics. In 2010, she moved to Tokyo to expect more free expression, and started another career as an artist.
In 2014, she expanded her range of activity by launching the apparel brand “ILicca”.
“Work of Art”
You must be glued to her colorful and cute girls with big impressive eyes.
Those are drawn with iPad and Apple Pencil, or a canvas and paints. The characteristic of her work is new “Kawaii” expression influenced by those her childhood favorites which are Japanese comics, anime, and traditional Japanese painting.
The background of her pieces often represents the circle of life; like a raindrop falling from the sky flows down into a river and the ocean, then goes back to the sky by evaporating to drop another one.
The theme of her work is to sublime all those — the immutable image of “girl”, emotions like nowhere in the enigmatic universe, and poison — into “POP” as a pray for love and peace.
“Curriculum Vitae”
Aside from publication and advertisement in many fashion magazines and books, worked on various products are as follows.
– Original apparel brand “ILicca” (2014-)
– Key visual and character design for a commercial facility in Sapporo, Hokkaido (2015-)
– Package design for Japanese sake and direction of its commercial film with an original song(2016)
– Original golf goods/wear brand “ILicca golf” (2016-)
– Comic strip (2017-)
– Personal exhibitions (6 times)